I'm Not Outsourced Action Wear

Debra Holtzman, J.D.,M.A., founder of I'm Not Outsourced, LLC, is a nationally recognized safety and health expert and award-winning parenting author. Her passion for safer products and safe working conditions is matched only by her commitment to supporting USA-made products and jobs.

Debra has advanced her advocacy into merchandising to promote Women's and Men's Action Wear manufactured exclusively in the USA. All the high quality items offered by I'm not Outsourced, LLC, are manufactured in Los Angeles, California, in a sweatshop free environment. The imprints are silkscreened in Pompano Beach, Florida—using high quality, non-phthalate, USA-made (Kennesaw, Georgia) inks.

"I'm Not Outsourced" action wear are available at MadeInUSAForever.com, a website that sells only American-made products.

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"I'm Not Outsourced" Tank Tops – 100% Made in USA
"I'm Not Outsourced" T-Shirts - 100% Made in USA

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